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For many shemale lovers, it's that 'third sex' identity which is the attraction: a beautiful girl but with a dick. Many tgirls too are perfectly happy - if not, positively orgasmic - with the unique gender life has chosen for them. But for others being a chick with a dick, this third way, is merely a stop on the road to full gender realignment surgery. In the past, it used to be pretty damn difficult to find anywhere devoted to post op girls for those of us interested in sampling a flavour of their unique delights. But luckily, the times are a-changing and sex change girls are no longer a forgotten erotic attraction. Chief among the temples to their temptaions is Ladyboy Pussy, the first and still only site dedicated to multiple sex change girls. Shot in full HD and with a veritable bevy of exclusive post op beauties from Thailand mainly, this site really is a treasure chest of fully transitioned temptresses. If you have never taken a good look at post op girls before, Ladyboy Pussy is really quite some eye opener - not to mention, a zip buster !

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Japanese sex change
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Post Op Brittany Fox
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Postop Transsexual Ola

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Before: Kimber James as shemale
post-op kimber james fucked
After: Post-op Kimber James pussy
With her adorable looks and cheeky personality, Kimber James arguably created the biggest splash ever in the shemale porn scene, taking it into the mainstream and attracting a following who never would admit an interest in Tgirls before. It came as pretty much a bombshell then when Kimber announced she had had full sex change surgery and would be continuing her adult career as a girl. Some fans drifted away, but others stayed and a whole lot of new fans have joined them to follow Kimber's continuing career. She achieved her ambition of becoming the biggest name in shemale porn. Now she's continuing to trail blaze her way as the biggest name in post-op transsexual porn. Her site features Kimber both pre and post-op.

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Femout New Girls
Femout is a new adult website from Grooby, the guys behind some of the best shemale sites the net has to offer. The focus is on real transsexuals in various stages of their transition. It's a unique idea, with all proceeds made from the venture being put back in to further shoots of girls new to adult modelling. Photoshoots are centred on girls in various stages of transition who are nude modelling for the very first time. Girls featured in video shoots may have nude modelled before, but the video shoots will invariably be their first voyage into hardcore. This unique offering very much fits its description as a celebration of girls in different stages of transition.

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Post-op asian TS May
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Sex change Reesa Noi
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Beautiful Post-Op Tgirl

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Before: Danielle Foxx as a shemale
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After: Post-op Danielle Foxx pussy
It's not going too far to say Danielle Foxx was one of the legends of shemale porn. She shot dozens of adult movies, appeared on every shemale site worth its salt and had a huge following via her own X-rated personal site. Nothing much has changed in any of that really since Danielle went ahead with her life's goal of full gender realignment surgery. She just calmly continued with her adult career and transformed her personal corner on the web in to the net's first dedicated post-op TS pornstar site. Fans get to enjoy Danielle in both pre and post-op action there. One might say, it's truly the best of both worlds.

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